Best Weight Lifting Gloves for women Buy in 2020

A large number of women do not know how to pick the best weight lifting gloves for their workouts. There are a lot of factors that influence the process. Thus, understanding how the selection process works is an essential first step in understanding which type of weight lifting gloves is best.


For starters, a person has to determine the size of the gloves that he/she wants to wear. There are glove sizes available in almost every style and size, which makes the selection process quite easy. However, the size of the glove will also depend on the level of resistance training that you do.


The best gym gloves for women are those that offer maximum grip. This is because there are gloves that are designed with multiple layers, which help provide you with maximum grip. It is best to find a glove that can withstand heavy resistance training as a base. Additionally, it should also be able to withstand punches.


The gloves should also be made from good quality material. Suitable materials include leather. Leather gloves are comfortable and can withstand punishment. You should also consider the safety of your hands. Another thing that you should consider when choosing the best weight lifting gloves for women is the material that is used in these gloves. The material should be water-proof, which means that the gloves should be able to handle moisture. Look for the manufacturer who has waterproof gloves. This is especially true if you use heavy weights or use weight machines


The next thing that you should think about is the warranty on the gloves. The best gym gloves for men and women will always come with a warranty. However, the warranty will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Look for the guarantee to make sure that you get a replacement or refund if the gloves become damaged.

We have made a list of some of our favourite products along with their reviews, lets check it out.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for women







The Atercel Workout Gloves


Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves


Cobra Grips PRO 


Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves


Scott Evo 2


SIMARI Workout Gloves


Contraband Pink Label 5137


Fit Active Gloves


Rim sports gloves


Harbinger Power

The Atercel Workout Gloves, The best weight lifting gloves for men and women Review


If you want to get in shape without spending a lot of money, then you may want to check out the Atercel Workout Gloves. These gloves are made with mesh and have plenty of ventilation options for when you are working out.

The best thing about these gloves is that they offer a little bit of protection when you are weight lifting. The seams are not sewn together but instead held together with Velcro and are rather durable.

One of the things that you will notice with these gloves is how comfortable they are. They fit well and do not rub against your hands while you are working out. The seams are so high that they provide a very snug fit on your hands which makes them very comfortable to wear.


They are not going to be too big on your hand, but they will give you all the support you need for your side when you are working out.

These Gloves are available is verious sizes

You will find that they are made from a synthetic material and will breathe well. They are also comfortable to wear.

They have a long-lasting dry and natural feel When you are sweating, these gloves do not leave residue on your skin.

Pros & Cons

  • With these gloves, you can expect that they will fit comfortably without being too large.
  • They have a right amount of flexibility with the mesh material and will not cause blisters or irritation to your hands.
  • They are more flexible than other gloves.
  • According to some online review, the rubber on the palm does not stretch at all
  • Some other users claim that the gloves are tight around the fingers.

Trideer Padded Best Weight Lifting Gloves 


These protective gloves offer both tactical and medical functions to the user. If you have ever experienced weight lifting or carrying heavy objects, then you will be glad to know that these are the best gloves that will help all men and women lift and carry items safely.

These gloves feature full-lifting capabilities allowing you to do different lifting actions including using the palms to make side-to-side motions, and fingers to roll or to make alternating moves such as curling and straightening the fingers or twisting the palms to move in different directions. This, in turn, increases the range of motion in hand and provides a secure grip.

It is comfortable to wear and does not require too much amount of room for the hand to fit comfortably.


The double layer of padding helps prevent the hands from getting cold as well as providing added comfort and protection.

The gloves are made from a breathable material, which allows the user to be fully immersed in the water, unlike other types of gloves.

Users can use the Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gloves for all types of lifting actions. Some of these lifting actions include plyometric training, lightweights, inflatable water exercises, Olympic style lifts, and professional martial arts training.

The gloves feature the highest level of resistance against impact, heat, moisture, and moisture transfer.

Pros & Cons

  • It also helps protect the hands from injuries and reduce the risk of fatigue.
  • Users can use this type of glove for exercise purposes, either in the gym or at home.
  • These gloves are comfortable to wear and provide an easier way to do lifts and training.
  • Many users complained in their reviews on Amazon about the size that these run small. So order one size extra than your original size

Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves Review

cobra the best weight lifting gloves for women

In this modern age, cobra grips have replaced lifting straps, gym gloves, and hooks. Unlike lifting straps that hold your wrists, the Cobra Grip allows you to relax the weight below on your hands, not on your wrists. The Cobra grips are more adaptable than the solid lifting straps, and with a 2 inch additional Velcro strap, they give your maximum wrist soundness.

  • Now no more slips provide enough cushioning to secure the palms and give a tight grip.
  • They are made of high-quality neoprene material to provide you with long service.
  • You can choose from many colours.

Pros & Cons

  • These are made from high quality material
  • This grip features a cushion that wraps around your hand and also has a grip on where you touch your palm.
  • Available in only one size

Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves Review 


The Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves is currently the only way to work out. If you are looking for a way to get into shape without feeling weighed down, these gloves will get you started with a reasonable price tag.

Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves is made of velvet, and they are breathable to help you get the right amount of sweat absorption. This means that your skin is going to be moist, but the sweat won’t be too heavy to the touch or too warm that you feel uncomfortable.

There are a lot of exercises that you can do with these gloves. You can do just about anything you want with them, and they will help you build a strong core.


Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves come in all sizes so if you have any doubt that they are the right ones for you, you don’t have to worry about that.

Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves is the stretch woven mesh material that helps to reduce the amount of time you spend wearing them.

The manufacturer says that your palms will stay cold for long periods with this material and you won’t get hot anywhere on your hands.

They are available in blue, grey, white, tan, black, red, blue, green, pink, and purple. 

Pros & Cons

  • They are more comfortable, breathable, more ‘flexible’ and lightweight
  • According to many user reviews, They don’t feel any noticeable bulk on their fingers, and there is no hardness in the leather areas and high flexibility.
  • The palm feels more textured, making it easier to lift with a little slipping and lots of padding.
  • Some user reviewed on Amazon that these gloves sizes are not real you have to order an extra size to make it comfortable for you.
  • Few other reviewed that these gloves lack wrist support

Scott Evo 2 – Best Weight lifting Gloves for Women Review


Skot weight lifting gloves arrive in a new cosy three-dimensional structure that offers extreme comfort and protection when lifting heavy. The glove has a unisex fit system that allows both men and women to utilise comfortably.

Its wrist strap allows you to lift the weight on your lower arms instead of pressing your fingers. The new age Velcro comes with industrial strength and won’t be torn down even in the most challenging conditions.

  • They are made from anti-slip material.
  • Their knuckle areas have also been fitted with pads and guards. Besides, they are also highly adjustable and comfortable.
  • Use ultra-high weight lifting technology.
  • To increase the gripping power, they included high-density foam.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for both men and women with unisex technology
  • Protects you from unexpected injuries
  • Slightly Thicken in palm areas

SIMARI– Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Men and Women Review 

simari best weight lifting gloves for women

SIMARI Workout Gloves is the perfect workout gear for your hands. These are specially made for the athlete who wants a comfortable and easy workout while wearing gloves.

There are different brands of SIMARI Workout Gloves for those who are looking for a specific style or design. Just by browsing through the different varieties, you will quickly get an idea of the different methods that are available in the market.

The main advantage of having these gloves is that they provide resistance against hand fatigue. This helps in building muscle strength and helping to increase your metabolic rate. That is why these are essential for all athletes, especially those who are into track and field, fitness and cross-training.

SIMARI is known for providing its users with various high-quality workout gear. And the most significant part of it is that these products are highly affordable and make use of the latest technology.


These gloves can safeguard your hands entirely and provide you with wrist support against any kind of injuries.

What it makes different from other generation gloves are its microfiber palms that are not that much easy to destroy.

These Gloves are so dry and comfortable because the rear of the hands is made from air mesh that is such a lightweight and breathable texture.

They are suitable for both men and women’s also for adults and teenagers.

Pros & Cons

  • Apart from the fact that these gloves can improve your performance, you will also feel a sense of satisfaction.
  • These are effective and comfortable and also provide exceptional resistance levels.
  • They can help you in various sports like track and field, cross-training and other physical activities.
  • According to some user online Reviews. They have a completely deliberate flaw that does not offer much protection, especially for pull-ups and lat pulldowns

Contraband Pink Label 5137 weight lifting gloves for women review

Contraband Pink best weight lifting gloves for women

Contraband Pink Label 5137 is the most famous gloves you can discover in the market. b. Therefore, it can prevent the heat from rising inside its product. These gloves are famous for their grip lock cushioning with silicone elastic beads. Both features can provide a decent level of traction, so you can quickly grab a weight, a free mass, and many other workouts equipment.

  • Reliable, delicate, and comfortable for a long term of use
  • Include the right amount of padding that makes it easy to grip the hard objects
  • Made from breathable mesh
  • Silicone elastic beads on the palm of the gloves give a high traction level.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in affordable price.
  • Includes a finger tab so that you can remove it quickly.
  • Very nice and soft cushioning.
  • For longer finger these fell short
  • You should order one extra size because they run short every time according to some user’s online review.

FitActive FitWeight Gloves Review

Fit Active Gloves

A fit active these are more of an open-faced glove. There’s no back on these, and these are usually better for functional fitness workouts or things we’re going to be doing handstands. You need a little bit more wrist mobility and a little bit more hand mobility.

There are wrist straps on these gloves, so there is a little bit additional wrist support.


These premium gloves provide full palm protection, including the thumb of your hand.

It material is made by high quality material named as silicon neoprene.That gives it water resistance functionality.

Experience these interestingly planned weight lifting wrist wraps. That offers both men and women a prevalent workout experience and excellent wrist support with every single workout.

Pros & Cons

  • Wrist straps are awesome because they provide some extra stability.
  • The palm Material rubber is very cold it covers the entire palm.
  • There’s an additional thumb wrap or padding. A lot of these gloves don’t have
  • Its size run on a large scale, and due to the unique design, choosing the right size can be difficult.
  • According to online reviews by some users, The way they fit makes you lose the original grip on your palm, which makes it excessive and potentially dangerous.

Rim Sports Gloves Review

rim sports weight lifting gloves

Today I am going to review this fantastic Rim Sports workout glove for Exercise. Not only is it tough, but it is perfect and durable and is available in many sizes through the company RAM Sports. This is a product that is very well prepared. Not only is it cute but it is also practical and suitable for exercise, especially if you are working hard like CrossFit. If you are doing outdoor activities or doing pushups, they are right.

The stitching is extraordinary. The design is fantastic, and it is not overly padded, but in my opinion, it is not perfect.


These gloves are made from breathable material to provide your fingers with proper ventilation so that they don’t get too sweaty.

The inside lining of this pair of weightlifting gloves are made up of an exceptional moisture absorbing fabrics.

Rimsports Gloves looks durable because they made this from premium leather.

The palm of these gloves are designed to provide you with more gripping power.

Pros & Cons

  • These are easily washable so you can easily wash away the smell and sweat.
  • The quality of the grip, Velcro, and mesh are all extremely durable. The colours are vibrant, fun and unique
  • According to many user online reviews, it’s stitchings not sustainable.
  • Washable but hand wash only.

Harbinger Women’s Flexfit Weight lifting Gloves Review

Harbinger Power BEST weight lifting gloves for women

Because of their quality and excellent designs, Harbinger is a well-known brand among the weight lifters. And gloves are specially designed for women. These are available in two attractive colours, purple and white. These are treated with antimicrobial, which helps to prevent smell and bacteria.

  • It is machine washable so now you can wash it in your washing machine without any hesitation.
  • It also includes a tech gel cushioning system to provide you with extra cushioning.
  • This pair includes Bi-flex palm that makes gripping easier while lifting weight.

Pros & Cons

  • So if you’re looking for your kind of standard well that’s going to enhance your grip on a multiple surfaces this may be a good choice
  • The leather isn’t the slickest, but it’s also not the grippy
  • Specifically made for women’s
  • According to some users, online reviews, the stitching quality is shallow.
  • If you’re looking for a very grippy glove for women, this may not be the best as it will not perform the best in the rope climbs


Many competitors find that when wearing a glove, they can’t lift as much weight or exercise forcefully. Many others depend on them; they refuse to work without gloves. It is evident that to avoid injury, you should at least wear some defensive straps on your wrists. We highly suggest wearing weight lifting gloves.

There are plenty of things you need to keep in mind when buying the best weight lifting gloves for men or women. Keeping in view all the requirements we have made this list. We’ve tried to simplify your work by reviewing the top weight lifting gloves for you.

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